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New Build Contracts

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When a developer plans a new estate or even just a few houses, they must take into account the broadband, TV and network provision, they will engage with all the providers that have a network in the area or in some cases, fairly close to the planned development.

Once they’ve engaged with the providers, they will plan any civil engineering works to connect their new development to each provider, sometimes multiple providers, which is better for the tenants or maybe just a singular provider. At this stage the provider companies such as Virgin Media or BT will get the ball rolling on their planning aspect. Monarch could be engaged at this time to route prove, this would be part of the pre-planning phase to determine which route to go if there is existing network, or which route a new network would need to take, this would highlight any major problems that might hold up or ultimately stop the new development being served. Once this phase is completed a work pack or multiple packs would be generated for the stages of build to be undertaken.

Every new development is different to the next, but the end goal is the same for the developer and provider; get the job done quickly, efficiently and within budget. Having good network connectivity and choices is a big selling point for new developments, also new government legislation makes it a legal requirement for the developer to factor this into their build.

Monarch have undertaken and are still undertaking new builds for Virgin Media, Community fibre, City fibre, BT and Hyper optic to name but a few. From initial route proving right through to activation, we offer every aspect you’ll need to deliver a bespoke build, or a generic build no matter how large or small. Our engineers and supervisors have the experience and knowledge to liaise with the client to complete each step as needed also to liaise with developers and local authorities alike.

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