Monarch's History - Wayne Morley M.D.

I started working in the cabling industry in 1994, working for Sirti Ltd on the Nynex main build contract. The gang I started in and ended up running, worked all over the country including Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Liverpool, Oldham, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, most of South London, Surrey & Kent. My duties were just cable pulling for the first few years but after that I started getting involved in the copper jointing, CATV build, Auditing, New Builds, Diversions, ERS’s, Business Installs, Trunk Routes, MDU’s etc.

In 2005 whilst working mainly for Kelly Communications we were asked to start Limited companies, so Monarch Communications was born and have since moved on from strength to strength working on numerous projects for numerous contractors.

We are currently involved in contracts with John Henry Biscomm, Kellys and McNicholas Construction.